Raiwind Ijtema,Pakistan-Audio mp3,video bayan,speeches

Tablighi Ijtema regularly held in Raiwind which is in Pakistan. Raiwind Ijtema held in two phase as like as Bishwa Ijtema,Tongi,Bangladesh.When will be held the Raiwind Ijtema in 2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020:it’s a question ? Generally Raiwind Ijtema held at the late of the year. During the last Raiwind Tableeghi Ijtima 2011 around half a million people took part in the first four-day session of the Ijtema, which ended on Sunday.
Devotees are coming in the Ijtema
There is no doubt that the organising of this type of gatherings (Ijtima) is a miracle. These are physical activities and that lead to the alertness of the Shari’ah-rules of Islam. This is a great way really.During the  last Riwind Ijtema peoples from most of the countries came to ponder about Islam.150 thousand people’s demand for visas had been forwarded.
The government said that they will accept everyone, even if it is a million people. They say that they are happy that (Tabligh) produces goodness.There is some inclination in the government in favour of Islam. The previous agenda of Bush and Musharraf has been broken with a hit.Tablighi Jamaat peoples helped to all maintain activities.
Peoples are gathering in the Venue
Maulana Zubairul Hassan led the final prayers and in his bayan called for world peace and for the reliability and long life of the country as well as the world. At the start of the congregation, Tableeghi Jamaat Ameer Maulana Haji Abdul Wahhab called for brotherhood, unity and peace in the muslim Ummah.Raiwind Ijtema finish with the final prayer as like as the Bishwa Ijtem.Peoples come from all state of Pakistan to hear the sermon delivered by various Maulana.Ijtema bayan are popular to all muslims.The people who did not joined the Raiwind Ijtema can be Listen the audio mp3 and video of the bayan.

Bishwa Ijtema 2013-when will be held ?

The Tablighi Jamaat Bishwa Ijtema 2013 will be held in two phases.The first shift of Ijtema will be held from 11 January to 13 January and the second shift of Ijtema will be held from18 January to 20 January 2013. From the last year 2012 Biswa Ijtema is being held in two phases to tackle ever increasing rushes of muslimis to make sure its soft conduct, on the bank of Turag River at Tongi, neighboring to Uttara Model Town, Dhaka,Bangladesh, Ijtema finished on 15 January. The 2nd shift of the 3-day Ijtema finished on 22 January. In each shift devotees of various districts of Bangladesh came to join the Bishwa Ijtema 
Muslims are in prayer: Ijtema
Muslims from many countries of abroad took part in two phases Ijtema, which were from about 100 countries  counting Pakistan, India, China, Iraq, Srilanka, Myanmar, Oman, Malaysia, Kuwait, Nigeria, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Europe ,USA etc.

After Bishwa Ijtema Tongi,Dakha,Bangladesh the second biggest Tablighi Jamaat Ijtema is “Bhupal Ijtema”, India. The third biggest Ijtema is “Raybende Ijtema”, Pakistan. The greatest numbers of foreigners join only in Bishwa Ijtema,Tongi, Bangladesh. Now Bishwa Ijteam ,Tongi is the second largest muslims congregation of the world.
Bishwa Ijtema Venue
The key aspect of the Tablighi Jamaat Bishwa Ijtema is to make easy and clear to know Tablig, Fear Allah at heart, Worldly success is no success, Follow footprints of the Prophet Muhammad(sw/pbuh).Lectures given by all moulana were followed by translation into English,Bengali and other languages of the world.The muslims who did not came to join the Bishwa Ijtema,Tongi.,they ware unable to hear the sermon  or  Bayan of Bishwa Ijtema.The muslims who did not collect the audio and video of the Bishwa Ijtema sermon (Bayan) they can be listen the all Bishwa Ijtema Bayan.

Bishwa Ijtema (Ijtima) Tongi 2009:Sermon /Speeches/Bayan mp3,audio & video

Tablighi jamaat 45th Bishwa Ijtema or Tongi Ijtema 2009,the 2nd largest Muslim congregation after the Hajj began January 21 ,2009 on the bank of Turag River at Tongi near the Dhaka city of Bangladesh. Ijtema organizers said more than 3 million peoples, including almost 10,000 foreign devotees with larger chunks from Saudi Arabia, China, India, , Japan, Singapore, UK, USA, Pakistan ,Kuwait and Malaysia are set to join the Talighi Jamaat 45th Bishwa Ijtema 2009.
Devotees are in Ijtema
To make sure peaceful ending of the Tablighi Jamaat Bishwa Ijtema 2009 the police, RAB, plain clothe police and other security agencies workers were deployed couple of days before the start of the Bishwa Ijtema 2009 Tongi,Bangladesh.Peoples from all around of the world came to join the 45th Bishwa ijtema.Moulana Jamir Uddin and another Moulana delivered their sermon i.e. Bayan to the devotees of all Bishwa Ijtema.
Devotees are coming to Ijtema
The muslims who did not come to join the Bishwa Ijtem 2009 and did not hear the sermon/Bayan of Ijtema 2009 ,they can be Listen the Bishwa Ijtem 2009 Bayan.

Tablighi Bishwa Ijtema(Ijtima) 2010:Speeches,Bayan (Sermon) video,audio & mp3 download

Tablighi Jamaat Bishwa Ijtema 2010, began Friday, January 22, 2010 on the bank of the river Turag in Tongi with participation of about 2 million people including over one lakh women from home and different countries.Muslims from various place of Bangladesh came to join the Bishwa Ijtema 2010.
Bishwa Ijtema Venue
Tens of thousands of muslim with winter clothes and blankets and cooking tools from across the country have gathered at the Bishwa Ijtema place, which is 20km north of Dhaka city, to seek the divine blessings of Allah.According to the Bishwa Ijtema organisers Around 9,000 Peoples from various countries have arrived while many are on their way to contribute in the three-day Ijtema congregation.The number of devotees will increase on the day of Akheri Munajat(final prayer) on January 24.
Preparation of Namaz
Tablighi Jamaat Bishwa Ijtema really a popular muslims congregation of the world. Peoples all around the world know about the Bishwa Ijtema Tongi. Now Bishwa Ijtema is a familiar word to all muslim and non-muslim people of the whole world. In Bishwa ijtema peoples come to hear sermon delivered by different maulana indicating the practical Islamic life of muslims according to the Quran & Hadith.The sermon(Bayan) is also popular to all.The muslims who did not participate the Bishwa Ijtema 2010 can be Listen the Ijtema Bayan(sermon) now.

The Tongi Bishwa Ijtema(Ijtima) 2011:Sermon(Bayan) or speeches audio, video and mp3 downlaod

Tablighi Jamaat Bishwa Ijtema 2011 began on January 22,2011 by the river of Turag which is near the venue Tongi.It is the first time when the Bishwa ijtema held in two shift.The bishwa Ijtema or Bisho Istema means the Global Congregation or world Meeting. 
Peoples are coming in the Ijtema
According to the tradition the event Bishwa Ijtema focuses on meditation and prayers and does not allow political discussion during the whole period. Tablighi Jamaat Bishwa Ijtema is one of the largest congregation of Muslims.It is called the second largest Muslims congregation after the holy Hajj. Amongst the festivals in Bangladesh, the Bishwa Ijtema is by far one of the most popular congregational muslim gatherings, and has become an international event today.
Bishwa Ijtema Tongi map
In 2011 Many visitor come to visited the Tablighi Jamaat Bishwa ijtema. Muslims community of the world came to join the Bishwa Ijtem to hear the sermon or Bayan of the various moulana who also came from various district of Bangladesh or another country. Bishwa Ijtem bayan is popular to the all muslims.Now Listen  the Bishwa Ijtema 2011 Bayan or speeches.

Tongi,Bishwa Ijtema-2012 Bayan (sermon),speeches mp3 & video download

Bishwa Ijtema Bangladesh-2012 first shift begin at 13th January side of Tongi Turag river.It was the Tablighi Jamaat 46th Bishwa Ijtema which began after the Jumma Namaj (prayer).It was the second time when the Bishwa Ijtema Bangladesh hold on two phases.Second session of Bishwa Ijtema started 20 and ended 22 January 2012. 
Muslims are gathering in the Bishwa Ijtema
Tablighi Jamaat Ijtema revived by Muhammad Ilyas by movement in 1927 at Saharanpur of Uttar Pradesh, India. In course of time, Ijtema association extend throughout the subcontinent of the area and also influenced other regions of the world. After the partition of Bengal in 1947, three Ijtema centers developed in three parts of the subcontinent–Bangladesh, India and West Pakistan.However in terms of admired presence, the Tongi Ijtema is the largest of all these congregations.
Millions of people gather in Bishwa Ijtema from different country of the world.During the period of Ijtema many famous moulana deliver the sermon (Bayan) about the Islamic life according to the Quran and Hadith.They come from various country such as India,Pakistan and other muslim country.Now Listen the Bishwa Ijtema-2012 Bayan.

Bijnor Ijtima(Ijtema)-Uttar Pradesh,India

Tablighi Jamaat Ijtema held in Bijnor from 12 to 14  February in 2011.The Ijtema place is on the outskirts of  Bijnor,Uttar Pradesh, India. The three Days Tablighi Jamaat  Bijnor  Ijtima was finished on 14th February with the final prayer.Many people joined in this prayer at that time. Maulana Ahmed Laat Sahab was lead the final prayer which called Mass Dua in local language.
Peoples are gathering in Ijtema
Many people came to participate the Bijnor Tablighi Jamaat Ijtema from all over the Uttar Pradesh and neighbouring states of the India. Peoples also came from neighbouring country such as Bangladesh,Srilanka,Pakistan ,Nepal etc. The trickle which started on ‘Jumaa Namaz’ which held on Friday at the time zohar paryer picked up gradually and slowly and after ‘ Isha Namaz’ held on at night the rush of people became a storm and continue the entire night.

About Ten lacs people participated from all over the Uttar Pradesh and other neighbouring states of India in the Tablighi Jamaat Ijtima. About 1170 Nikahs got solemnized during the Ijtima period when the elders of the Tableeghi Jamaat in a simple manner in the spirit of Islam after Asir prayers which held at evening.
The Bayan i.e. sermon delivered by Maulana Liyaqat Sahab, Maulana Ahmad Laat Sahab, Maulana Jaseem Maulana Shaukat Sahab, Ahmad ,Maulana Shareef Ahmad and other local Maulana also participate to delicer their Bayan or Islamic sermon about the guideline of the Islamic life .People gathered to hear their sermon to reform their life in way of the holy Quran and the Hadith. 

Bhopal Ijtima(Ijtema):Madhya Pradesh,India

The Aalami Tablighi Jamaat Ijtima (Ijtema) in Bhopal held every year generally in December month.It is one of the most important Preachers Congregation of the World.The place is on the outskirts of Bhopal at Ghasipura in Eintkhedi village of the Madhya Pradesh which is the Central Indian state.Peoples from various states of India even another country come to join the Bhopal Ijtema. It is regarded one of the biggest muslim congregation after the Bishwa Ijtema Bangladesh.Bishwa Ijtema is the second mulsim congregation after Hajj.Ijtema does not have any political relationship.
Peoples are gathering in Ijtema venue
More than half a million people from all over the world come to contribute in the Bhopal Ijtima every year. Around 600 foreigners in different Tabligh Jamaats who have reached the Ijtima site include from Indonesia Sri Lanka,Kazakhstan,Bangladesh, Cambodia,Malaysia , Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,Nepal, Iran, Egypt Philippines,South Africa, Australia, the UK, China,USA ,Thailand etc.
In the period of the three days a stunning fair is also held near the location of the Ijtema. The local people contribute in it with much enthusiasm. It is said that in the previous days, during the colonial rule in India, the fair that accompanied Bhopal Ijtima was popular among the locals because of the clothes that were sold there. The delegates of foreign used to bring many clothes along with them and sell them at very low prices in this place. After the coming on of the media and increasing availability of good class clothing materials in India the publicity that surrounded the deal of the discarded clothes of the foreigners regularly gone. 
Bhopal Ijtema ground
With the break of dawn after Fajr prayers the Ijtima would start unfolding. The opening sermon after Fajr prayers would be delivered by Maulana Chiraghuddin of Rajasthan during the last Bhopal Ijtema. The Namaz timings at the Masjid Ghasipura during the Ijtima would be, Fajr at 0630 hours, Zohar at 1400 hours, Asir at 1635 hours, Maghrib at 1740 hours and the Isha Namaz would be offered after the conclusion of Bayan which means sermons.The Ijtema carries some of the greatest spiritual messages, not only for the Muslims but also for the non- Muslims around the world. At the last day Ijtema finishes with final prayer.People come Ijtema to hear the sermon for implementation this in their practical life. All of the people who join the Ijtema wait for the final prayer.It is the day of great joy and the muslim people pray to Allah for walfare of all people around the world.

Tongi-The place of Bishwa Ijtema:Dhaka,Bangladesh

Tongi is a small town of Bangladesh near the Dhaka city which is known to all for Tablighi Jamaat BIshwa Ijtema. The town is not very far from Dhaka, It is situated 24 km or 15 miles north of Dhaka city the capital of Bangladesh (See the Map). Tongi is an industrial city which has several cotton and jute-processing facilities. Tongi is a important trade center of Bangladesh.
Tongi Map
The city Tongi has urbanized into an significant site for the manufacture of clothing for export which is one of the main resource of foreign currency of Bangladesh. Roads connect Tongi with the capital city and the rest of the country. A major railway station in Tongi mainly handles freight and goods. Shahid Memorial School compound is mass burial site of the genocide in Liberation War of this country Bangladesh.The Tongi town are a comprises the southern addition of the Madhupur tract which is a long narrow tract of tectonically elevated area of older sediments only a little metres above the nearby rivers the Turag Geologically. The Tract is subdivided into the Bhawal Garh terrace which is a part of an inlier, an elevated area surrounded by lowlands by very young riverine sediments occupying the surrounding valleys. The altitude of the Tract varies from 2 to 14 m above mean sea level and it has low and normal rock layer which forms a firm substrate for supporting large structures. The older sediment sequence consists of stonework of the Dupi Tila structure overlain by Madhupur Clay, which in turn is overlain by alluvium.
Road of Tongi from Dhaka city
At the period 1660–1663 Mir Jumla built a fort to defend the northern access of Dhaka during his time in power who was a Mughal subadar . The subadar also built a bridge over the river Turag for connecting other area of the country. Mir Jumla constructed a road which is now a part of the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway a very important road for Bangladesh which connected Tongi with Bag-e-Badshahi. It served as an axis of urban growth in the 19th and 20th centuries as sites for institution of new urban settlements - Gulshan Banani established in 1964,Baridhara established in 1972 and Uttara established in 1965- were picked off the highlands along that axis road of the area.In 1786, East India Company was designated the city Tongi-Jamalpur as the northern boundary of Dhaka.
Tongi is specially renowned to the people all over the world for the Tabligh Jamaat Bishwa Ijtema.Ijtema held in Tongi annually in two phase. Peoples of almost country come Tongi to participate the Bishwa Ijtema .Bishwa Ijtema finish with the final prayer that called Akheri Morajat .

Bishwa Ijtema Tongi,Dhaka,Bangladesh

Tablighi Jamaat Ijtema Bangladesh known as Bishwa Ijtema or Bisho Istema/Ijtima and Dhaka Ijtema, Tongi Ijtema, Bangladesh Ijtema is familiar word to all Tablighi Jamaat peoples. It is an annual Tablighi Jamaat Islamic organization congregation which is held at Tongi, Bangladesh by the river Turag in two shift(See the Map). The occasion focuses on prayers to Allah and does not permit political conversation in Tabligh Jamaat Ijtema.
Peoples gathered near the Tongi
Tablighi Jamaat first Ijtema was seemingly held in 1946 which was organized by the Tablighi Jamaat Bangladesh.The Ijtema lasts 3 days and over five million Muslim peoples was attended here. Ijtema is the second largest muslim congregation after the Hajj to Mecca. The program of Tablighi Jamaat Ijtema concludes with the Akheri Munajat or final prayer.

Ijtema was initiated by an Muhammad Ilyas al-Kandhlawi who lived in India and began as a small group of religious-minded individuals gathering at a local mosque which is known as Tablighi Jamaat. For forty-one years Tongi has been the chosen location, although Ijtema also held in india,Pakistan ,USA and many other countries all over the world. Bishwa Ijtema which is held in Tongi,Dakha,Bangladesh is the biggest Ijtema all over the world. So peoples from many other countries all over the world come to participate the Bishwa Ijtema. Now a days not only the muslim peoples but also many non-muslim peoples come to the Bishwa Ijtema.

The Tablighi Jamaat Ijtema is a non-political, therefore perhaps it draws people of all influence. Prayer is held for the spiritual adoration, welfare and adulation of the Muslims society all over the world. This hugely popular program gives the people of Bangladesh an chance to cooperate with Muslims from other countries of the world .

The Ijtema takes place at an area comprising 160 acres (0.65 km2) of land (0.25 square mile),But now the area are increasing year by year for increase of the gathering more muslims. Devotees from about 100 countries, including the host country, Bangladesh, attend the Bishwa Ijtema seeking divine blessings from Allah. Now from 2012 the Tabligh Jamaat Bishwa ijtema held in two shift. In recent years, over seven thousands foreign delegates attend the Ijtema each year.
Peoples are gathering in Ijtema
Bishwa Ijtema is a peaceful gathering of worshippers that come to seek guidance, blessings and spiritual fulfillment. The Tabligh Jamaat BIshwa Ijtema is the most perfect way of Islamic education, spiritual adulation,blessings and meditation.Due to the constant threat of radical groups, the event is patrolled by thousands of law enforcement members and policemen, to ensure the safety.Now Bishwa Ijtema Bangladesh has become one of the most important international event in the world. Bishwa Ijtema is one of the most admired congregational gatherings in Bangladesh. It is a non political and most peaceful religious gathering all over the world after Hajj.

Tablighi Jamaat:History, Principle and activation

Tablighi Jamaat is a worldwide Islamic organization which was founded in India,1926. Muhammad Ilyas al-Kandhlawi was the founder of Tablighi Jamaat who lived in India.The first aim of Tablighi Jamaat is the Islamic spiritual reformation by working at the every level reaching out to Muslims across all social to bring them closer to Islam.