Bijnor Ijtima(Ijtema)-Uttar Pradesh,India

Tablighi Jamaat Ijtema held in Bijnor from 12 to 14  February in 2011.The Ijtema place is on the outskirts of  Bijnor,Uttar Pradesh, India. The three Days Tablighi Jamaat  Bijnor  Ijtima was finished on 14th February with the final prayer.Many people joined in this prayer at that time. Maulana Ahmed Laat Sahab was lead the final prayer which called Mass Dua in local language.
Peoples are gathering in Ijtema
Many people came to participate the Bijnor Tablighi Jamaat Ijtema from all over the Uttar Pradesh and neighbouring states of the India. Peoples also came from neighbouring country such as Bangladesh,Srilanka,Pakistan ,Nepal etc. The trickle which started on ‘Jumaa Namaz’ which held on Friday at the time zohar paryer picked up gradually and slowly and after ‘ Isha Namaz’ held on at night the rush of people became a storm and continue the entire night.

About Ten lacs people participated from all over the Uttar Pradesh and other neighbouring states of India in the Tablighi Jamaat Ijtima. About 1170 Nikahs got solemnized during the Ijtima period when the elders of the Tableeghi Jamaat in a simple manner in the spirit of Islam after Asir prayers which held at evening.
The Bayan i.e. sermon delivered by Maulana Liyaqat Sahab, Maulana Ahmad Laat Sahab, Maulana Jaseem Maulana Shaukat Sahab, Ahmad ,Maulana Shareef Ahmad and other local Maulana also participate to delicer their Bayan or Islamic sermon about the guideline of the Islamic life .People gathered to hear their sermon to reform their life in way of the holy Quran and the Hadith.