Raiwind Ijtema,Pakistan-Audio mp3,video bayan,speeches

Tablighi Ijtema regularly held in Raiwind which is in Pakistan. Raiwind Ijtema held in two phase as like as Bishwa Ijtema,Tongi,Bangladesh.When will be held the Raiwind Ijtema in 2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020:it’s a question ? Generally Raiwind Ijtema held at the late of the year. During the last Raiwind Tableeghi Ijtima 2011 around half a million people took part in the first four-day session of the Ijtema, which ended on Sunday.
Devotees are coming in the Ijtema
There is no doubt that the organising of this type of gatherings (Ijtima) is a miracle. These are physical activities and that lead to the alertness of the Shari’ah-rules of Islam. This is a great way really.During the  last Riwind Ijtema peoples from most of the countries came to ponder about Islam.150 thousand people’s demand for visas had been forwarded.
The government said that they will accept everyone, even if it is a million people. They say that they are happy that (Tabligh) produces goodness.There is some inclination in the government in favour of Islam. The previous agenda of Bush and Musharraf has been broken with a hit.Tablighi Jamaat peoples helped to all maintain activities.
Peoples are gathering in the Venue
Maulana Zubairul Hassan led the final prayers and in his bayan called for world peace and for the reliability and long life of the country as well as the world. At the start of the congregation, Tableeghi Jamaat Ameer Maulana Haji Abdul Wahhab called for brotherhood, unity and peace in the muslim Ummah.Raiwind Ijtema finish with the final prayer as like as the Bishwa Ijtem.Peoples come from all state of Pakistan to hear the sermon delivered by various Maulana.Ijtema bayan are popular to all muslims.The people who did not joined the Raiwind Ijtema can be Listen the audio mp3 and video of the bayan.