Tongi-The place of Bishwa Ijtema:Dhaka,Bangladesh

Tongi is a small town of Bangladesh near the Dhaka city which is known to all for Tablighi Jamaat BIshwa Ijtema. The town is not very far from Dhaka, It is situated 24 km or 15 miles north of Dhaka city the capital of Bangladesh (See the Map). Tongi is an industrial city which has several cotton and jute-processing facilities. Tongi is a important trade center of Bangladesh.
Tongi Map
The city Tongi has urbanized into an significant site for the manufacture of clothing for export which is one of the main resource of foreign currency of Bangladesh. Roads connect Tongi with the capital city and the rest of the country. A major railway station in Tongi mainly handles freight and goods. Shahid Memorial School compound is mass burial site of the genocide in Liberation War of this country Bangladesh.The Tongi town are a comprises the southern addition of the Madhupur tract which is a long narrow tract of tectonically elevated area of older sediments only a little metres above the nearby rivers the Turag Geologically. The Tract is subdivided into the Bhawal Garh terrace which is a part of an inlier, an elevated area surrounded by lowlands by very young riverine sediments occupying the surrounding valleys. The altitude of the Tract varies from 2 to 14 m above mean sea level and it has low and normal rock layer which forms a firm substrate for supporting large structures. The older sediment sequence consists of stonework of the Dupi Tila structure overlain by Madhupur Clay, which in turn is overlain by alluvium.
Road of Tongi from Dhaka city
At the period 1660–1663 Mir Jumla built a fort to defend the northern access of Dhaka during his time in power who was a Mughal subadar . The subadar also built a bridge over the river Turag for connecting other area of the country. Mir Jumla constructed a road which is now a part of the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway a very important road for Bangladesh which connected Tongi with Bag-e-Badshahi. It served as an axis of urban growth in the 19th and 20th centuries as sites for institution of new urban settlements - Gulshan Banani established in 1964,Baridhara established in 1972 and Uttara established in 1965- were picked off the highlands along that axis road of the area.In 1786, East India Company was designated the city Tongi-Jamalpur as the northern boundary of Dhaka.
Tongi is specially renowned to the people all over the world for the Tabligh Jamaat Bishwa Ijtema.Ijtema held in Tongi annually in two phase. Peoples of almost country come Tongi to participate the Bishwa Ijtema .Bishwa Ijtema finish with the final prayer that called Akheri Morajat .