Inside view of Kaaba (Baitullah ) video and picture

 Video and picture of  Kaaba ( Baitullah )-Inside view 
The Kaaba was built by prophet Ibrahim together with his son Ismaeel.Many people currently have completely wrong information regarding what’s on the inside of Kaaba .However Lots of muslims don’t have any kind of Concept with regards to this. Now open the eyes , Start to see the Reality .The Interior view of Kaaba.Simply 3 pillars as well as few items and absolutely nothing else.Kaaba gates are usually opened up Two times annually for cleaning purpose.First time is just before the month of Ramadan and Second time before the period of Hajj.
Picture:Inside view of the Baitullah (Kaaba)
What exactly is inside the Kaaba?
The chief executive belonging to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) had the chance to visit inside the Kaaba in 1998. He explains the subsequent features:
  • There's two pillars on the inside (other people report Three pillars)
  • Two lantern-type lamps hanging through the roof
  • A table on the side to place things like perfume
  • The area can easily support about Fifty people
  • The particular walls as well as surfaces are usually of marble
  • There aren't any electrical lights on the inside
  • There isn't any windows inside
  • There exists just one door
  • Top of the inside wall space of the Kaaba were engrossed in some type of curtain using the Kalima composed on it. 
Here we attached some real videos of the inside view of the holy place Kaaba.
Video-01:Inside view of Baitullah(kaaba)
The particular constructing includes a mosque designed all around it, the Masjid al-Haram. All Muslims all over the world face the Kaaba in the course of prayers, irrespective of where they are. From every given point in the entire world, the particular direction facing the Kaaba is termed the Qibla.
Video-02:Inside view of Baitullah(kaaba)
One of the 5 Pillars associated with Islam demands each and every Muslim to complete the Hajj pilgrimage at least one time in his or her entire life in the event that able to perform so. Several sections of the Hajj need pilgrims simply to walk 7 periods across the Kaaba in the counter-clockwise direction.
Video-03:Inside view of Baitullah(kaaba)
This unique circumambulation, the Tawaf, is usually done by pilgrims throughout the Umrah.On the other hand, essentially the most remarkable occasions are usually in the course of the Hajj, when about Six million pilgrims accumulate from all around the world .


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