Bishwa Ijtema Banyan, Dua & Akheri Munajat Video in Youtube

Watch Tongi Ijtema Banyan, Dua & Akheri Munajat Videos. The event is also known as Bishwa Ijtema or Bisho Istema/Ijtima, Dhaka Ijtema or Tongi Ijtema which is familiar word to all Tablighi Jamaat peoples. It is an annual Tablighi Jamaat Islamic organization congregation which is held at Tongi, Bangladesh by the river Turag in two shift. 
The occasion focuses on prayers to Allah and does not permit political conversation in Tabligh Jamaat Ijtema. Here are some videos of Bishwa Ijtema Bangladesh.
Dr. Asadullah al-Ghalib (Bangla) 
Ijtema 2012 
Moulana ahmad lat- to talaba 
(Bishwa ijtema 2012)
Dua of moulana jobaer in  
Bishwa ijtema(first part) 2012


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